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Thomas Sheridan

LOC:    Sheridan, Thomas, 1775-1817
NRA:    Sheridan Thomas (1775-1817) Poet Colonial Treasurer Cape of Good Hope
DNB:    Sheridan, Thomas [Tom] (1775-1817), actor and soldier
LBT ID: ThSheri1817    VIAF ID: 65366080    LOC ID: n82208038
B/BAP:   1775-11-17
DIED:   1817-09-12
SOURCES: DNB; Prance, Companion to Charles Lamb (1983); Virtual International Authority File; LOC Name Authority File
Actor, son of Richard Brinsley Sheridan and Elizabeth Linley; he was manager of Drury Lane when it burned in 1808; he died of consumption, the disease that killed his mother.
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