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Henry Hesketh
(1836 fl.)

LBT ID: HeHeske1836
SOURCES: William Parry, Last Days of Lord Byron (1825); South Australian Gazette and Colonial Register (18 June 1826)
English philhellene; after service with Admiral Cochrane in South American he was Byron's aide-de-camp at Missolonghi; he was afterwards agent for the South Australian Company.
REFERENCES TO Henry Hesketh:
Lord Byron to Charles Hancock, 5 February 1824 in Letters and Journals of Lord Byron 2 Vols (London: John Murray, 1830)
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Lord Byron to a Prussian officer, 1 April 1824 in A Narrative of Lord Byron’s Last Journey to Greece. Extracted from the Journal of Count Peter Gamba, who attended that Expedition. (London: John Murray, 1825)
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