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John Wolcot [Peter Pindar]

LOC:    Pindar, Peter, 1738-1819
NRA:    Wolcot, John (1738-1819), poet and satirist, pseudonym Peter Pindar
DNB:    Wolcot, John [pseud. Peter Pindar] (bap. 1738, d. 1819), poet and satirist
LBT ID: JoWolco1819    VIAF ID: 24590473    LOC ID: n50064284
B/BAP:   1738-05-09
DIED:   1819-01-14
SOURCES: DNB; Prance, Companion to Charles Lamb (1983); Virtual International Authority File; LOC Name Authority File
English satirist who made his reputation by ridiculing the Royal Academicians and the royal family.
REFERENCES TO WORKS BY John Wolcot [Peter Pindar]:
Bozzy and Piozzi, or the British Biographers: a Town Eclogue.
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“Frogmore Fête, an Ode for Music” in Hair Powder; a Plaintive Epistle to Mr. Pitt: by Peter Pindar Esq. To which is added, Frogmore Fête, an Ode for Music, for the First of April.
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The Fat Knight and the Petition; or, Cits in the Dumps! a Poem.
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The Lousiad, an Heroi-comic Poem, Canto I.
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“The Nymph of Tauris” in Persian Love Elegies. To which is added The Nymph of Tauris.
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“On the Recovery of Mr Pitt from an Attack of Gout” in General Magazine of Arts and Sciences.
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Peter's Pension: a Solemn Epistle to a Sublime Personage.
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“The Pilgrims and the Peas” in The Works of Peter Pindar. With a Copious Index. To which is prefixed Some Account of his Life.
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“To a Fly, taken out of a Bowl of Punch” in Odes to Kien Long, the present Emperor of China; with The Quakers, a Tale; To a Fly, drowned in a Bowl of Punch; Ode to MacManus, Townsend, and Jealous, the Thief-takers . . . &c. &c. &c..
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