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The Autobiography of William Jerdan
Foreign Journals

Vol. I. Front Matter
Ch. 1: Introductory
Ch. 2: Childhood
Ch. 3: Boyhood
Ch. 4: London
Ch. 5: Companions
Ch. 6: The Cypher
Ch. 7: Edinburgh
Ch. 8: Edinburgh
Ch. 9: Excursion
Ch. 10: Naval Services
Ch. 11: Periodical Press
Ch. 12: Periodical Press
Ch. 13: Past Times
Ch. 14: Past Times
Ch. 15: Literary
Ch. 16: War & Jubilees
Ch. 17: The Criminal
Ch. 18: Mr. Perceval
Ch. 19: Poets
Ch. 20: The Sun
Ch. 21: Sun Anecdotes
Ch. 22: Paris in 1814
Ch. 23: Paris in 1814
Ch. 24: Byron
Vol. I. Appendices
Scott Anecdote
Burns Anecdote
Life of Thomson
John Stuart Jerdan
Scottish Lawyers
Sleepless Woman
Canning Anecdote
Southey in The Sun
Hood’s Lamia
Murder of Perceval
Vol. II. Front Matter
Ch. 1: Literary
Ch. 2: Mr. Canning
Ch. 3: The Sun
Ch. 4: Amusements
Ch. 5: Misfortune
Ch. 6: Shreds & Patches
Ch. 7: A Character
Ch. 8: Varieties
Ch. 9: Ingratitude
Ch. 10: Robert Burns
Ch. 11: Canning
Ch. 12: Litigation
Ch. 13: The Sun
Ch. 14: Literary Gazette
Ch. 15: Literary Gazette
Ch. 16: John Trotter
Ch. 17: Contributors
Ch. 18: Poets
Ch 19: Peter Pindar
Ch 20: Lord Munster
Ch 21: My Writings
Vol. II. Appendices
The Satirist.
Authors and Artists.
The Treasury
Morning Chronicle
Chevalier Taylor
‣ Foreign Journals
Vol. III. Front Matter
Ch. 1: Literary Pursuits
Ch. 2: Literary Labour
Ch. 3: Poetry
Ch. 4: Coleridge
Ch 5: Criticisms
Ch. 6: Wm Gifford
Ch. 7: W. H. Pyne
Ch. 8: Bernard Barton
Ch. 9: Insanity
Ch. 10: The R.S.L.
Ch. 11: The R.S.L.
Ch. 12: L.E.L.
Ch. 13: L.E.L.
Ch. 14: The Past
Ch. 15: Literati
Ch. 16: A. Conway
Ch. 17: Wellesleys
Ch. 18: Literary Gazette
Ch. 19: James Perry
Ch. 20: Personal Affairs
Vol. III. Appendices
Literary Poverty
Ismael Fitzadam
Mr. Tompkisson
Mrs. Hemans
A New Review
Debrett’s Peerage
Procter’s Poems
Poems by Others
Poems by Jerdan
Vol. IV. Front Matter
Ch. 1: Critical Glances
Ch. 2: Personal Notes
Ch. 3: Fresh Start
Ch. 4: Thomas Hunt
Ch. 5: On Life
Ch. 6: Periodical Press
Ch. 7: Quarterly Review
Ch. 8: My Own Life
Ch. 9: Mr. Canning
Ch. 10: Anecdotes
Ch. 11: Bulwer-Lytton
Ch. 12: G. P. R. James
Ch. 13: Finance
Ch. 14: Private Life
Ch. 15: Learned Societies
Ch. 16: British Association
Ch. 17: Literary Characters
Ch. 18: Literary List
Ch. 19: Club Law
Ch. 20: Conclusion
Vol. IV. Appendix
Gerald Griffin
W. H. Ainsworth
James Weddell
The Last Bottle
N. T. Carrington
The Literary Fund
Letter from L.E.L.
Geographical Society
Baby, a Memoir
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Page 174.

As a proof of the exertions made by a young periodical to merit public approbation, and be able to say, in the language of the poet,
“’Tis not in mortals to command success,
But we’ll do more, Sempronius, we’ll deserve it.”
I append a list of the foreign publications through which we (staff and all) industriously waded, so as to furnish a better-culled and far more ample mass of continental intelligence, than had ever been dreamed of before (or probably since) for English readers.

The list of journals subscribed for and ordered for the “Literary Gazette:”—


1. The Morgenblatt (morning paper). A literary paper, published almost daily, in half a sheet 4to. This paper had three supplements. 1. Relative to the fine arts; 2. Literature generally, reviews of new works; 3. Literary advertisements.

2. The Gazette for the Polite World (Elegante Welt). Five times a-week, half-sheet, 4to; containing tales, anecdotes, and correspondence relative to literature, the arts, the drama, &c. Almost all our articles relative to the literature of the north and of Greece, numerous anecdotes, &c. were derived from this journal.


1. Journal des Savans, monthly.

2. Bibliothèque Universelle (Genève). Consisting of two divisions, one literature, the other arts and sciences. The former contained copious extracts from new books, mostly voyages and travels, novels, history, &c. It was from this that the “Literary Gazette” had many valuable articles.

The Bibliotheca Italiana came pretty regularly for some time, but fell much into arrear.


The Austrian journals of literature published quarterly, and resembling our quarterly journals; and also the following were ransacked for intelligence:—

Hamburgh Correspondent. Frankfort Journal (French.)
Hamburgh Borsen Hall (hist). Austrian Observer.
Hamburgh Originalien (liter.). Correspondent of Nuremberg.
Bremen Gazette. Universal Gazette of Augsburg.
Frankfort Gazette (German).
Journal de la Belgique. Journal de Gand.
Journal de Bruxelles. Courrier du Pays Bas.
Amsterdam. Hague.
Moniteur. Gazette de France.
Journal des Débats. Journal de Paris.
Gazette of Madrid. The Universal.
The Impartial. The Spectator.
The Diary of the Government.

These journals were mostly political, but they all of them at times contained useful articles relative to literature, the arts and sciences, new discoveries, &c.