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Literary Life of the Rev. William Harness
William Harness to A. G. K. L'Estrange, 13 June 1867

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“Kensington Gore,
“June 13, 1867.
“My dear L’Estrange,

“The man alluded to in that note of Miss

* Owing to Miss Mitford’s partiality for Cathcart, Charles Kemble gave him a trial at Covent Garden; but after he had been acting for three nights, he refused to continue unless he received an engagement for the whole season. Miss Mitford requested Mr.

Mitford’s, as the prototype of a scoundrel in one of Bulwer’s novels, was named Wainewright. He wrote charming articles on art under the signature of ‘Janus.’ He was a friend of Barry Cornwall (Procter) Macready, Talfourd, and all that clique of artists and authors. Charles Lamb was very fond of him, and used to call him the ‘light-hearted.’ He was born to some inheritance, which he soon spent, and subsequently replenished his finances by murder. The first person he is supposed to have poisoned was his uncle, the proprietor of the Monthly Review, whom I knew, but whose name I can’t recall, nor shall I—till I don’t want it. They say that, first and last, he assisted at least eleven friends and admirers out of their miseries in this world; and, entirely free from any apparent depression of spirits, concluded his eventful and cheerful life as a very successful portrait-painter at Botany Bay. Ask me about him on Monday, and I may be able to tell you more of his story. A real account of the man and his character, such as Charles Lamb, or Procter, or Macready might have written, would present one of the most extraordinary psycho-

Harness to use his influence with Kemble on his behalf. “I cannot give an engagement,” was the manager’s reply; “Cathcart does well enough as Jaffier to my Pierre; but how would that little fellow look in a breeches part!”

logical phenomena that ever was witnessed among mankind.

“W. H.”