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Literary Life of the Rev. William Harness
William Harness to A. G. K. L'Estrange, 18 August 1869

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“Worting, Basingstoke,
“Aug. 18, 1869.
“My dear L’Estrange,

“I have had nothing to tell, and therefore have not written. Day follows day, each like the other in every thing, I am happy to say; as I certainly am a great deal better and less deaf every day that I am content to remain in this quiet home. I have not for these five years felt so free from all uneasiness or agedness as I am feeling at present. Thank God!

“This is our life: breakfast at nine, luncheon
at one, tea at five, dinner at seven, coffee at nine, bed at half-past ten. Every meal exact to time, except tea at five; that varies, as Arthur drives Coe and me out in a basket-carriage after luncheon, and we very often don’t get back from our excursion so soon; indeed sometimes we are so late as not to have any tea at all.

“You now know the whole course of my life; and when you have heard that between whiles I play with the dog, or doze over Crabb Robinson’sJournal,” I don’t think you have any more to hear of the present doings of W. H.

“I have just had a letter from Miss Skerrett; it is, strange to say, legible. She claims the fulfilment of a promise that, should any of Miss Mitford’s letters to her be printed, proofs of the MS. should be shown to her, and not published without her consent. I have written to assure her that her wish shall be complied with; but, as far as I recollect, no letters to her are given.

“I don’t know whither to send this. I must try Dover. My sister is gone to Norfolk, on her way to Lincolnshire, and I think of following her in about a fortnight. How the time does fly when one is happy and in good air!

“God bless you!

William Harness.”