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Literary Life of the Rev. William Harness
William Harness to A. G. K. L'Estrange, 31 July 1869

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“Worting, Basingstoke, Hants,
“July 31, [1869.]
“My dear L’Estrange,

“I came here to my brother’s last Thursday, directly after marrying two young people who had asked me to perform the service, and for whose sake I remained the beginning of the week in town. They seemed very happy on the occasion; and I felt myself supremely happy in getting the ceremony over, and being able to escape into the country.

“I am already better—more alive—for the change of air. It really is a delightful thing, having nothing to do. The cottage is so small that my servant is always hitting his head against the doors, and says the rooms were only made for little people; but it is a great pleasure to
move about from one room to the other, and then to sit awhile in the little hall with the door between the two, and enjoy the fresh air of the Hampshire hills, brisk from the sea, and unadulterated by any metropolitan mixtures.

“I shall be away from town, and in all probability here, till the 18th of September, when the church will again be opened. It closes on Monday for painting and repairing, and the congregation assembles in the large room at Kent House, which Mr. Henry has been so good as to lend me for the occasion.

“Believe me,
“Yours affectionately,
William Harness.”