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William Godwin: his Friends and Contemporaries
Ch. VI. 1804-1806
John Horne Tooke to William Godwin, 22 October 1805

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Wimbledon, Oct. 22, 1805.

Dear Sir,—A letter from you, announcing a visit, is at all times pleasant to me; but the present is peculiarly so, because Mr Jer. Joyce gave me much sorrow on Sunday last by informing me that Mrs Godwin was ill.

“I shall therefore see you on Friday with more pleasure than usual, and you may depend upon it, that if I was half so good at a leap as I am persuaded Mrs Godwin is, I should often leap to Somers Town.

“Mind, I do not say at Somers Town; for I am very careful how I employ the English particles, and am besides your most obedient servant,

J. Horne Tooke.”