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William Godwin: his Friends and Contemporaries
Ch. IV. 1793
Thomas Abthorpe Cooper to William Godwin, 2 November 1793

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Southampton, Nov. 2, ’93.

“If there were an appearance of reserve in my letters, relative to my present situation, it could be only an appearance; for I have not, nor have I ever had, the least wish to conceal anything. If I did not expatiate at large on the subject, it was because I had no desire to excite any man’s compassion; for I feel no compassion for myself; or in other words, I am quite indifferent about it,
as I have told you before. I have lived partly upon a little money which I had saved, and partly upon credit, which has involved me in debt near £2. But I shall considerably decrease it by means of about a guinea, which I got last night, by joining with two others who had failed, and buying a bad stock-night of the managers at an under-price. This, with the loan of a guinea, which you are so kind as to offer me, will pretty well bring me about, so that I shall probably still remain with Messrs C. and D., if they promise to allow me a salary after this town, and will pay the bill for printing the tickets for my benefit. But if he refuses, my former resolution will remain unbroken. You may depend on seeing me in London very soon—how soon will in some measure depend on
Mr Davies’s acceptance or rejection of my proposals. If he refuse, I shall not stay to play for his benefit. At all events, you will see me in less than a fortnight.

“If you can oblige me with this guinea, direct to me in any small parcel, at Mr Ling’s, 15 Butcher Row, and send it by Mr Cox’s coach, which sets out every morning from the Saracen’s Head, Snow Hill.

“When I spoke relative to the School for Arrogance to Mr Davies, he said, ‘If Mr Holcroft had really been inclined to serve me, he certainly could not have refused so small a favour.’ I smiled within myself at the confined ideas of a selfish man.

“I should be glad if you would not make it public that I am coming to town. ’Tis, I grant, a childish wish, but it would be a pleasure to surprise my friends. Though childish, it is innocent, and as it would be a pleasure, I hope it will be a sufficient reason with you to comply with my request.

T. Cooper.