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William Godwin: his Friends and Contemporaries
Ch. II. 1785-1788
Ann Hull Godwin to William Godwin, 29 May 1788

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May 29, 1788.

Dear William,—Your letter to be sure could not fail of being pleasing and acceptable to me, who delights to hear from my children, espetially when they are going on comfortably and are likely to be a blessing to their connections and an ornament to Religion wh is not the least part of w we are sent into the World for. poor dear Hannah once made it her Chief concern and happiness but now I fear it is otherwise, God grant It may revive again And yt she may not be as the fig-tree whome the master of the vinyard came seeking fruit and found none. Is my daily prayer for her and all of you poor Jack once made a profession two but him I have no hopes off. I may say the same of Joseph how cuting a Stroke it is to be the means of bringing Children into the world to be the subjects of the kingdom of Darkness to dwell with Divils and Damned Spirits from whence as I have heard you mention in your Prayers there is no redemption. Sometime agoe I lent Hannah a book of Sermons that was not my own, but not without the owner’s live Mr Copland, I red them myself and was Charmed with them, espetially as there was one about declention having lost their first love which I hoped might have a better effect than all I could say. please from me to desire her to return the first privat opportunity yt will be safe directed to Mrs Sothrens, she have miss’d Mr Burchan who would have brought it safe. You say Miss Anna Trench is going to be married and I suppose by what you mention to live the Partnership to her Sister Miss Frances Trench and your Sister as with Miss Trench why can’t you call your Sister Hannah as you call Miss Trenches Nancy and Fanny and me Hon’d Mother, as well as Mad’m it would be full as agreeable.

“You say by great luck Joseph has got a comfortable Place I wish it may Prove so and he deserving of it but If He prospers I
shall think it strange indeed that one could use a Woman as he has, an agreeable Woman his own Choice and brought him some fortune and also her friends always doing for her.—and of
Jack he is still the unfortunate man. It is not Scripture Language I do not as I know off read of luck or fortune then I think it rather the Language of Heathens and that it should be owned as the smiles or frowns of Providence or in other words God.

“but I don’t want to enter into arguments with you abt it for perhaps I might not find words or time to go thro it, therefore if its not agreeable to your notion it will be better to pass it by and you keep yours and I mine. I had Jackey’s letter but could not find an opportunity to send the 20s he was out of pocket for Natty when he was hiding from ye Press Gang till now, and this acquaints you that I have sent ye guinea by the hand of Mr Jon Johnson which is the second on Natty’s account and the full of what I promiss’d and I dont thank Jackey for taking him into good company as he calls it every Evening and two or three Sunday’s executions. I like your Conduct to him much better Jackey says you gave him 5s at parting—my kind love to my dear Hannah.

I remain yr affecate Mother.

Cousin Sothren Mrs Hull and Hully are well I hope I am at Norwich and parted with the 2 last mentioned yesterday.”