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William Godwin: his Friends and Contemporaries
Ch. XIII. 1800
William Godwin to James Marshal, 11 July 1800

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[Dublin, July 11, 1800.]

“I received your letter this morning, four days from its date. I forget now what I said in my last letter about the poor little girls, but in this letter I will begin with them. Their talking about me, as you say they do, makes me wish to be with them, and will probably have some effect in inducing me to shorten my visit. It is the first time I have been seriously separated from them since
they lost their mother, and I feel as if it was very naughty in me to have come away so far, and to have put so much land, and a river sixty miles broad, between us, though, as you know, I had very strong reasons for coming. I hope you have got
Fanny a proper spelling-book. Have you examined her at all, and discovered what improvement she has made in her reading? You do not tell me whether they have paid and received any visits. If it does not take much room in your next letter, I should be very glad to hear of that. Tell Mary I will not give her away, and she shall be nobody’s little girl but papa’s. Papa is gone away, but papa will very soon come back again, and see the Polygon across two fields from the trunks of the trees at Camden Town. Will Mary and Fanny come to meet me? I will write them word, if I can, in my next letter or the letter after that, when and how it shall be. Next Sunday, it will be a fortnight since I left them, and I should like if possible to see them on the Sunday after Sunday 20th July. . . . .