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Lord Byron to John Murray, 20 October 1821

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October 20th, 1821.

If the errors are in the MS. write me down an ass: they are not, and I am content to undergo any penalty if they be. Besides, the omitted stanza (last but one or two), sent afterwards, was that in the MS. too?

“As to ‘honour,’ I will trust no man’s honour in affairs of barter. I will tell you why: a state of bargain is Hobbes’s ‘state of nature—a state of war.’ It is so with all men. If I come to a friend, and say, ‘Friend, lend me five hundred pounds,’—he either does it, or says that he can’t or won’t; but if I come to ditto, and say, ‘Ditto, I have an excellent house, or horse, or carriage, or MSS., or books, or pictures, or &c. &c. &c. &c. &c., honestly worth a thousand pounds, you shall have them for five hundred,’ what does Ditto say? why, he looks at them, he hums, he ha’s,—he humbugs, if he can, to get a bargain as cheaply as he can, because it is a bargain.—This is in the blood and bone of mankind; and the same man who would lend another a thousand pounds without interest, would not buy a horse of him for half its value if he could help it. It is so: there’s no denying it; and therefore I will have as much as I can, and you will give as little; and there’s an end. All men are intrinsical rascals, and I am only sorry that, not being a dog, I can’t bite them.

“I am filling another book for you with little anecdotes, to my own knowledge, or well authenticated, of Sheridan, Curran, &c. and such other public men as I recollect to have been acquainted with, for I knew
546 NOTICES OF THE A. D. 1821.
most of them more or less. I will do what I can to prevent your losing by my obsequies.

“Yours, &c.”