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Lord Byron to John Murray, 5 May 1817

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“Rome, May 5th, 1817.

“By this post (or next at farthest) I send you in two other covers, the new Third Act of ‘Manfred.’ I have re-written the greater part, and returned what is not altered in the proof you sent me. The Abbot is become a good man, and the Spirits are brought in at the death. You will find, I think, some good poetry in this new act, here and there; and if so, print it, without sending me farther proofs, under Mr. Gifford’s correction, if he will have the goodness to overlook it. Address all answers to Venice, as usual; I mean to return there in ten days.

“‘The Lament of Tasso,’ which I sent from Florence, has, I trust, arrived: I look upon it as a ‘these be good rhymes,’ as Pope’s papa said to him when he was a boy. For the two—it and the Drama—you will disburse to me (via Kinnaird) six hundred guineas. You will perhaps be surprised that I set the same price upon this as upon the Drama; but, besides that I look upon it as good, I won’t take less than three hundred guineas for any thing. The two together will make you a larger publication than the ‘Siege’ and ‘Parisina;’ so you may think yourself let off very easy: that is to say, if these poems are good for any thing, which I hope and believe.

“I have been some days in Rome the Wonderful. I am seeing sights, and have done nothing else, except the new Third Act for you. I have this morning seen a live pope and a dead cardinal: Pius VII. has been burying Cardinal Bracchi, whose body I saw in state at the Chiesa
108 NOTICES OF THE A. D. 1817.
Nuova. Rome has delighted me beyond every thing, since Athens and Constantinople. But I shall not remain long this visit. Address to Venice. “Ever, &c.

“P.S. I have got my saddle-horses here, and have ridden, and am riding, all about the country.”