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Letters and Journals of Lord Byron
Lord Byron to John Murray, 29 April 1814

Life of Byron: to 1806
Life of Byron: 1806
Life of Byron: 1807
Life of Byron: 1808
Life of Byron: 1809
Life of Byron: 1810
Life of Byron: 1811
Life of Byron: 1812
Life of Byron: 1813
Life of Byron: 1814
Life of Byron: 1815
Life of Byron: 1816 (I)
Life of Byron: 1816 (II)
Life of Byron: 1817
Life of Byron: 1818
Life of Byron: 1819
Life of Byron: 1820
Life of Byron: 1821
Life of Byron: 1822
Life of Byron: 1823
Life of Byron: 1824
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“2, Albany, April 29th, 1814.

“I enclose a draft for the money; when paid, send the copyright. I release you from the thousand pounds agreed on, for the Giaour and Bride, and there’s an end.

“If any accident occurs to me, you may do then as you please; but, with the exception of two copies of each for yourself only, I expect and request that the advertisements be withdrawn, and the remaining copies of all destroyed; and any expense so incurred, I will be glad to defray.

“For all this, it might be as well to assign some reason. I have none to give, except my own caprice, and I do not consider the circumstance of consequence enough to require explanation.

“In course, I need hardly assure you that they never shall be published with my consent, directly or indirectly, by any other person whatsoever,—that I am perfectly satisfied, and have every reason so to be,
A. D. 1814. LIFE OF LORD BYRON. 551
with your conduct in all transactions between us as publisher and author.

“It will give me great pleasure to preserve your acquaintance, and to consider you as my friend. Believe me very truly, and for much attention,

“Your obliged
“and very obedient servant,

“P.S. I do not think that I have overdrawn at Hammersley’s; but if that be the case, I can draw for the superflux on Hoares’. The draft is £5 short, but that I will make up. On payment—not before—return the copyright papers.”