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Lord Byron to John Murray, 4 December 1813

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“December 4th, 1813.

“I have redde through your Persian Tales*, and have taken the liberty of making some remarks on the blank pages. There are many beautiful passages, and an interesting story; and I cannot give you a stronger proof that such is my opinion than by the date of the hourtwo o’clock, till which it has kept me awake without a yawn. The conclusion is not quite correct in costume: there is no Mussulman suicide on record—at least for love. But this matters not. The tale must have been written by some one who has been on the spot, and I wish him, and he

* Poems by Mr. Galley Knight, of which Mr. Murray had transmitted the MS. to Lord Byron, without, however, communicating the name of the author.

A. D. 1813. LIFE OF LORD BYRON. 477
deserves, success. Will you apologise to the author for the liberties I have taken with his MS.? Had I been less awake to, and interested in, his theme, I had been less obtrusive; but you know I always take this in good part, and I hope he will. It is difficult to say what will succeed, and still more to pronounce what will not. I am at this moment in that uncertainty (on our own score), and it is no small proof of the author’s powers to be able to charm and fix a mind’s attention on similar subjects and climates in such a predicament. That he may have the same effect upon all his readers is very sincerely the wish, and hardly the doubt, of yours truly, “B.”