LORD  BYRON  and  his  TIMES
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The Life of Percy Bysshe Shelley
Percy Bysshe Shelley to Thomas Medwin, 26 November 1811
Family History
Shelley at Eton
Taste for the Gothic
Shelley’s Juvenilia
Queen Mab
Shelley at Oxford
First Marriage
Death of Harriet
Chancery Suit
Switzerland: 1814
Alastor; Geneva: 1816
Byron and Claire
At Marlow: 1817
Italy: 1818
Naples, Rome: 1819
The Cenci
Florence: 1819
Vol I Appendix
Vol II Front Matter
Pisa: 1820
Poets and Poetry
Pisa: 1821
Shelley and Keats
Williams, Hunt, Byron
Shelley and Byron
Poetry and Politics
Byron and his Friends
The Pisan Circle
Casa Magni
Death of Shelley
Lerici: 1822
Burial in Rome
Character of Shelley
Vol II Appendix
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“We are now in this lovely spot where for for a time we have fixed our residence; the rent of our cottage, furnished, is £1 10s. per week. We do not intend to take up our abode here for a perpetuity, but should wish to have a house in Sussex. Perhaps you could look out for one for us. Let it be in some picturesque, retired place,—St. Leonard’s Forest, for instance; let it not be nearer to London than Horsham, nor near any populous manufacturing, dissipated town; we do not covet either a propinquity to
barracks. Is there any possible method of raising money without any exorbitant interest, until my coming of age? I hear that you and my father have had a rencontre; I was surprised he dared attack you; but men always hate those whom they have injured; this hatred was, I suppose, a stimulus which supplied the place of courage.
Whitton has written to me, to state the impropriety of my letter to my mother and sister; this letter I have returned with a passing remark on the back of it. I find that affair on which those letters spoke, is become the general gossip of the idle newsmongers of Horsham—they give me credit for having invented it. They do my invention much honour, but greatly discredit their own penetration.”