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Cooke’s Hotel, Albemarle Street.

My Dear Sir,—It is some time since I have addressed you, but as our interests are interwoven in a certain degree by a community of disappointment, I shall do so now, without ceremony.

I was desirous of seeing you on the subject of the approaching expiration of my minority, but hourly expecting Mrs. Shelley’s confinement, I am not able to leave her for the present.

I wished to know whether at that epoch, you would object to see me through the difficulties with which I am surrounded.


You may depend on my grateful remembrance of what you have already done for me, and suffered on my account, whether you consent or refuse to add to the list of my obligations to you. The late negociations between myself and my father have been abruptly broken off by the latter. This I do not regret, as his caprice and intolerance would not have suffered the wound to heal.

I know that I am the heir to large property. Now are the papers to be seen? have you the least doubt but that I am the safe heir to a large landed property? Have you any certain knowledge on the subject?

If you are coming to town soon, I should be most happy to see you; or after Mrs. Shelley’s confinement, I will visit you at Horsham.

Mrs. S. unites in her remembrances to all your family.

Yours very sincerely,
P. B. Shelley.