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My Friends and Acquaintance
Thomas Campbell VII
Thomas Campbell to Thomas Moore, 16 June 1830

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Sir,—I am obliged to you for discrediting a silly paragraph from the ‘Sligo Observer,’ which is quoted in your paper to-day.

“It charges me with having abstracted the MS. of the ‘Exile of Erin’ from the papers of the late duke (you call him marquis) of Buckingham. If my character did not repel this calumny, I could refute it by the fact that I never in my life had access to any papers of either a Duke or Marquis of Buckingham. I wrote the song of the ‘Exile of Erin’ at Altona, and sent it off immediately from thence to London, where it was published by my friend, Mr. Perry, in the ‘Morning Chronicle.’ With the evidence of my being the author of this little piece I shall not trouble the world at present. Only if my Irish accuser has any proof that George Nugent Reynolds, Esq., ever affected
to have written the song, he will consult the credit of his memory by not blazoning the anecdote, for if he asserted that the piece was his own, he assuredly told an untruth. I am inclined to believe, however, that the ‘Sligo Observer’s’ proffered witnesses are not eminently blessed with good memories, for they offer to testify that they heard Mr. Reynolds for years before his death, and prior to my publication of the song, repeat and sing it as his own. If the matter comes to a proof, I shall be happy to prove that this is an utter impossibility, for I had scarcely composed the song, when it was everywhere printed with my name; and it is inconceivable that Mr. Reynolds could have had credit for years among his friends for a piece which those friends must have seen publicly claimed by myself.

“But the whole charge is so absurd, that I scarcely think the ‘Sligo Observer’ will renew it. If they do, they will only expose their folly

“I am, Sir,
“Your obedient servant,
“Thomas Campbell.
“Middle Scotland Yard, Whitehall,
June 16, 1830.”