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My Friends and Acquaintance
R. Plumer Ward XXII
Robert Plumer Ward to Peter George Patmore, 29 August 1841

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“Brighton, August 29, 1841.

My dear Patmore,—Your letter announces great events; and, supposing the annunciation confirmed, most truly rejoices
me. Do you know that the moment I heard of poor
Hook’s death, which was from Dr. Croly, at a dinner at Horace Smith’s, my instant thought was that you ought, and probably would, succeed him; and I had actually prepared to write to you, to persuade your making the attempt, which, happily, it should seem, C. himself has forestalled. I need not say how I wish it, and my anxiety for it perhaps a little influences me in the answer I am about to give your letter of yesterday, for the first thing that occurred to me was that, until the thing was certain, and that you were actually installed in your new dignity, you should wave the immediate prosecution of your views as to your own intended publication.

“Even without a seeming leaning towards this in your letter, my opinion on this head had forcible hold of me, and I should have written as strongly as I could to advise it. You must, however, yourself be at least as forcibly impressed with the absolute necessity there is of allowing nothing extraneous to interfere, so as to hazard a possibility of losing so great an object.

* * * * * *

“I wish I could tell you anything good of my feeble girl. I hope it is not indication of the reverse, but we are totally prohibited from thinking of Okeover again, or even of England, for the next twelve months; so that our views (and that immediately) are directed to the Continent, but in the first instance to town, where we think of being in the next month.

“The blow to all my comforts, in the wane of life, is more than I can tell you, or would like to do if I could. Yours,

“R. P. W.”