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My Friends and Acquaintance
R. Plumer Ward XX
Robert Plumer Ward to Peter George Patmore, 18 April 1841

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“Sunday, April 18, 1841.

“Well, I have to thank you for a great deal of good-natured zeal for my author feelings (I will not, after being so hackneyed in them, call them anxieties), in sending me the ——, the ——, and the ——.

“In the last, I doubt, there was much more than the mere transmission; for, besides that I know it is one of your papers, I am well persuaded that no one but yourself is, or can be, so kind as to write of me in a
manner so forcibly and brilliantly eloquent as that paper has done. It had all its due effect upon a large party here, and somewhat, no doubt, upon myself. For, allowing all I could for our friendship, and knowing your fiertè as to the independence of your opinions, I could not but believe, as well as hope, that there must be some merit in what had called forth such an eulogy; and so,
Master P. G. Patmore, I acknowledge that you have given me very great pleasure by what you have said, even if only a quarter of it were really deserved, and three quarters set down to the account of friendship.

“I begin to receive other notices besides those in the papers. I mean in private reports, which are very comfortable; but I can hardly hope that, sixteen years (it my age too) after ‘Tremaine,’ what Mrs. Austen says is thought can be true,—that De Clifford is more vigorous and equally fresh with ‘Tremaine.’

“And so, repeating thanks and good wishes, I am, as usual, yours,

“R. P. W.”