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My Friends and Acquaintance
R. Plumer Ward XX
Robert Plumer Ward to Peter George Patmore, 9 April 1841

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“Okeover, April 9, 1841.
“Dear Patmore,—
* * * * * *

“Very few things could give me more pleasure than what you communicated in your last; and I trust it will, for the present at least, quiet your not unnatural anxieties. I cannot at all flatter myself that anything was able to say to —— influenced his change of decision; but from very sincere regard for your interest, and very unceasing wonder, as well as regret, to think you in a position so totally unworthy your attainments and deserts, I should be glad to think I could have been of the smallest service; which, however, I do not.

“I would have answered your letter much sooner, but have been, I trust not dangerously, but uncomfortably ill, so as to be particularly disabled from writing, the attack having been of bilious giddiness. I quite enter into the propriety of your resolution, as soon as possible to set yourself free from the uncertainties of a situation so totally
unworthy of you. I, therefore, am glad to think you persist in the contemplation of using your own resources as an author, as well as, or in addition to, those to which you condescend, for so I must call it.

* * * * * *

“As to my bantling, I am an utter blank concerning it, having heard no one word about it, good or bad; except, indeed, from my sister-in-law, Lady Mulgrave, who, upon the information of about half the first volume, compliments me upon what she calls a freshness equal to ‘Tremaine.’ Well, if the world will think so too, no bad account.

Next week, I suppose, will bring something.

* * * * * *

“Enough this, for a still giddy man; so I will no more than that I am as usual, “Much yours,

“R. P. W.

“I could not make out the name you gave to your supposed author of ‘Cecil.’ Pray repeat it. I have looked in vain for any other review than yours of the ‘Engagement.’ Extraordinary!”