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My Friends and Acquaintance
R. Plumer Ward XII
Robert Plumer Ward to Peter George Patmore, 9 December 1836

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“Lausanne, Dec. 9, 1836.

My dear Mr. Patmore,—I have had the truest pleasure in seeing your handwriting again, not merely from the gratifying things you are pleased to say of me, for which, thinking them sincere, I sincerely thank you; but because what I most wished is accomplished, and you are again in com-
munication with ——, whom I have often assured him could never get a more able ally. Long before I left England, and since too, I applied to him for your address, wishing much to consult you on my embryo work. But he knew it not, and I have been forced to act without your valuable assistance. However, having recovered my health and spirits in a great measure, I was glad to employ my leisure as you say, and shall continue to do so if I continue well.

“I have been delighted with Germany and the Germans, high and low. Not so with the Swiss, though much with their country. In this I am like Rousseau.

“I have a little treatise on Enthusiasm, which I wish I could show you, but this distance is untoward.

“We shall be home in June, which I am sorry for, but my little step-son (I don’t know whether you saw him at Gilston) has been left heir to his uncle Okeover, and succeeds to a landed property and Okeover Hall, full 6000l. a year, his mother being guardian; so we must return.

“Do you mark the coincidence of his name
with that in ‘
De Vere,’ when I wrote which I did not know it was in existence.

“Pray let me know where I can address you. We stay here till spring, and then for Paris.

“Sincerely yours,
“R. P. W.”