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My Friends and Acquaintance
Lady Blessington IV
Countess of Blessington to Peter George Patmore, 10 December 1832

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“Monday, Dec. 10, 1832.

Dear Sir,—Since I last saw you, I have heard nothing on the subject we then talked of. I have not seen the person who gave me the information I reported to you, and probably shall not for some weeks or months, as I do not see him often, and in the last six months have not seen him more than twice or thrice. Of the truth of the intelligence he gave me I
have not the slightest doubt, as during two years that I have known him I have never had the least cause to call his veracity in question, and I believe him incapable of any underhand or unhandsome conduct. As I know nothing of one of the parties, and have had no reason to think favourably of the other, I must give the preference of belief to the person of whom I entertain a good opinion.

“Believing Mr. —— to be incapable of deception or misrepresentation, I can see no objection to your seeking an interview with him, and stating your feelings. Mr. ——, in seeking a position which he was led to believe you were on the point of losing, violated no duty to you, as he was neither your friend nor acquaintance; but I am quite sure he would not seek the position had he not been assured that you are to leave it; and I am equally sure that he never addressed himself to Mr. —— on the subject, but that it was proposed to him by his friends, who represented themselves as being in Mr. ——’s confidence.

“I have now told you all I know. * * *


“I shall be glad to see you, to talk over more fully your future prospects, and remain,

“Dear sir, very sincerely yours,
“M. Blessington.”