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In Whig Society 1775-1818
The Prince Regent to Lady Melbourne, [November 1803]

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“The invariable & boundless affection (if you will allow me to speak the truth) my ever dearest Lady Melbourne, which is so strongly imprinted in my Heart towards you, as well as the extreme desire I feel from the sincerity of my regard, & attachment to every Individual of your Family, would have made me most happy had it been in my power to have contrived anyhow upon the occasion of the Vacancy in the Stannaries1 to have offer’d William anything worthy of his acceptance, but I am & have been so cruelly situated respecting the Duchy of Cornwall that my hands are quite tied, & with sorrow to myself do I say it, must I am afraid continue so for a length of time. All this I will explain to you when we meet, as it is too long a topic for any Letter to contain. However, rest assured of this, that whilst I live I never will neglect an opportunity in which I can be of use to any of yours or in which I can forward any wish of yours, or Melbourne’s, as you well know, my ever dearest Friend, at least I hope so, that I can be depended upon.

“Your &c.,
George P.