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Astarte: a Fragment of Truth
Lord Byron to Augusta Leigh, 27 August 1816

I. Byron Characteristics
II. Three Stages of Lord Byron’s Life
III. Manfred
IV. Correspondence of Augusta Byron
V. Anne Isabella Byron
VI. Lady Byron’s Policy of Silence
VII. Informers and Defamers
VIII. “When We Dead Awake”
IX. Lady Byron and Mrs. Leigh (I)
X. Lady Byron and Mrs. Leigh (II)
XI. Byron and Augusta
Notes by the Editor
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Diodati Augt 27th 1816.
[First line scratched out]

Your confidential letter is safe, and all the others. This one has cut me to the heart because I have made you uneasy. Still I think all these apprehensions—very groundless. Who can care for such a wretch as Ce ——,4

1 See Chap. II., p. 46, and Chap. III., p. 59.

2 Father of the present head of the firm.

3 See Chap. V., p. III.

4 Lady Caroline Lamb.

or believe such a seventy times convicted liar? and in the next place, whatever she may suppose or assert—I never “committed” any one to her but myself. And as to her
fancies—she fancies any thing—and every body—Lady M1 &c. &c. Really this is starting at shadows. You distress me with—no—it is not you. But I have heard that Lady B—— is ill, & I am so sorry—but it’s of no use—do not mention her again—but I shall not forget her kindness to you.

I am going to Chamouni (to leave my card with Mont Blanc) and I mean to buy some pretty granite & spar playthings for children (which abound there) for my daughter—and my nieces—You will forward what I select to little Da—& divide the rest among your own. I shall send them by Scrope; this goes by another person. I shall write more and longer soon.

do not be uneasy—and do not “hate yourself” if you hate either let it be me—but do not—it would kill me; we are the last persons in the world—who ought—or could cease to love one another.

Ever dearest thine 2

P.S. I send a note to Georgiana. I do not understand all your mysteries about “the verses” & the Asterisks; but if the name is not put asterisks always are, & I see nothing remarkable in this. I have heard nothing but praises of those lines.