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Works of Charles and Mary Lamb. VI-VII. Letters
Charles Lamb to Henry Crabb Robinson, [May 1809]

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[Dated by H. C. R.: May, 1809.]

DEAR Sir,—Would you be so kind as, when you go to the Times office, to see about an Advertisement which My Landlady’s Daughter left for insertion about ten days since and has not appeared, for a Governesses Place? The references are to Thorpe & Graves 18 Lower Holborn, and to M. B. 115 Oxford St. Though not anxious about attitudes, she pines for a situation. I got home tolerably well, as I hear, the other evening. It may be a warning to any one in future to ask me to a dinner party. I always disgrace myself. I floated up stairs on the Coachman’s back, like Ariel; “On a bat’s back I do fly, After sunset merrily.”

In sobriety
I am
Yours truly
C. Lamb.