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Leigh Hunt to Vincent Novello, 17 April 1817

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Marlowe, April 17th, 1817.

My dear Novello,—One of Mr. Shelley’s great objects is to have a pianoforte as quickly as possible, so that though he cannot alter his ultimatum with regard to a grand one, he wishes me to say that, if Mr. Kirkman has no objection, he will give him the security requested, and of the same date of years, for a cabinet piano from fifty to seventy guineas. Of course he would like to have it as good as possible, and under your auspices. Will you put this to the builder of harmonies? I have been delighted to see in the Chronicle an advertisement of Birchall’s, announcing editions of all Mozart’s works; and shall take an early opportunity of expressing it and extending the notice. I would have Mozart as common in good libraries3 as Shakespeare and Spenser, and prints from Raphael. Most of us here envy you the power of seeing “Don Giovanni;” yet we still muster up virtue enough to wish you all well, and to send our best remembrances in return to Ave and Salve, to whom I am as good a Boothite as I can be, considering that I am also very truly yours,

Leigh Hunt.