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The Life and Letters of John Gibson Lockhart
Chapter 23: 1853-54
John Gibson Lockhart to Charlotte Lockhart Hope, 11 April 1854

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Tuesday, April 11, 1854.

Dear Charlotte,—I am writing in my old
chair in my own old room once more. I stood my long journey well enough, having pleasant society throughout—viz.,
William Osborne and his wife (Caroline Montagu of Rokeby), and their niece, Miss Fazakerley, and as far as Paris, the Duke of Wellington. The Rhone being dried up, we found difficulty in getting the boat replaced, but finally hired and posted (five maîtres and five domestiques) in a solemn cast-off diligence. At Lyons we reached running water again, and on to Paris so and by rail. I dined one day with Ellis, but never saw miladi, she being really ill. My only other visit was to Versailles—of which when we meet.

“I have not yet seen Holt, but I hope to do so this evening, and anticipate, with his help and Woolford’s, escaping from this house before that month expires. I am to be myself on trial as respects climate, &c., and believe my wisest plan will be to deposit my books, &c., at the Pantechnicon (all but a few boxes full), and hire for the nonce a lodging not far from my clubs; in which case Hannah might sigh a long farewell.

“I have a medal of Pius IX. for M. M., with sundry rosaries and so on, at your commands.

“Two more very old allies of mine are just buried, I see—John Wilson and the Dean of Wells (Jenkyns of Balliol).

“I am to dine to-day with Murchison, who looks doubly august with his increase of fortune, which
must atone for my shorn condition in purse and person.—Affectionately yours,

J. G. Lockhart.”