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Mr. Southey in The Morning Chronicle.
The Courier  No. 10,327  (18 December 1824)
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No. 10,327. MONDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 18, 1824. Price 7D.

To the EDITOR of the COURIER.

december 17, 1824
The Morning Chronicle on Southey

Sir.—I observe in the Morning Chronicle of this day, a Letter from “A Lover of Consistency,” which is as consistent in its way, as the most ardent lover of that kind of consistency could desire. This writer says, that Mr. Southey has brought a charge against Lord Byron, that “a seditious publisher had set up his Lordship’s head as a sign to his shop, as if his Lordship, when in Italy, were responsible,” &c. I doubt, if the writer understands, what Mr. Southey alludes to; but, at all events, Mr. Southey neither meant, nor said, more than that Lord Byron had suffered this disgrace. It was not the act of setting up the sign, which his Lordship was accused of, but the many acts whereby he had made his head emblematical of the trade in question. A respectable person would not have incurred such a disgrace, any more than that of being defended by this writer, in the Morning Chronicle. Further, I find eight paragraphs, each beginning with “Was Mr. Southey, or was he not,” or, “Has Mr. Southey, or has he not,” which is an ordinary newspaper form of falsification. The first of the eight (was, or was he not, a Republican) implies a truism: the rest are according to form. Mr. Southey has eulogised Republicans and Regicides, when they have deserved eulogy. In the year 1816, in the Quarterly Review, he took occasion to eulogize a Republican, who was commonly called Spence the Philanthropist, and of whom he there inserted a remarkable and very interesting account; for Spence, was (in Southey’s words, if I recollect them right) a sincere man, “stoical, persevering, single-minded, and self-approved.” Mr. Southey has never “denounced all republicans, as monsters of infamy, and imps of the devil.” There is no doubt, at present, a large class of infamous en, who make a living of republicanism, which class Mr. Southey has treated as they deserved. Mr. Southey has not stigmatized the character of Mr. Barry O’Meara. Mr. Southey has never even mentioned him, or alluded to him, in any publication. Mr. Southey was not expelled from Baliol College, nor from any other College. He did not publish the book named in the 7th of these queries, nor any other book, without his name. Mr. Southey never did any of the things named in the 8th; and with regard to the last paragraph, consisting chiefly of the epithets “pensioned bookseller’s hack,” “creeping, cringing, cameleon,” &c. &c., I cannot consider it as objectionable where it stands, and am willing to disbelieve that the writer has made the sacrifice of himself merely to do honour to the Morning Chronicle, and ensure the insertion of his letter; since he cannot have meant it to accredit the one stale truism and seven slanderous falsehoods which went before.

I am, your’s, &c. H. T.