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R. C. Dallas, Esq. [Obituary].
Morning Post  No. 16,812  (8 November 1824)
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No. 16,812. MONDAY, November 8, 1824. Price 7d.


On the 21st ult. died at Havre, in the Seventieth year of his age, R. C. Dallas, Esq. He had acquired a respectable, if not a distinguished, rank as a man of letters. The History of the Maroon War, which appeared about the year 1797, was much esteemed for the simplicity of its narration, and authenticity of its details, He was also the author of Aubrey, Percival, and other novels, which, if not the first in that branch at composition, are entitled to considerable praise—praise, indeed, not always due to the first—that of softening, without corrupting the heart, the Memoirs of Louis XVI. and his Family, from the MS. of M. Bertrand de Moleville, ci-devant Minister to that unfortunate Monarch; and the Annals of the French Revolution, by the same author, were translated by Mr. Dallas, with a fidelity to the originals commensurate with the importance of the subjects; and M. Mallet Du Pan was also indebted to this Gentleman for putting an English dress to the British Mercury, which made so much noise during the early part of the French Revolution. The “Life of Elphinstone” did as much honour to his heart, as the feeling eloquence with which he detailed the benevolent eccentricities of his hero, was the theme of praise to all who knew his respected Preceptor. He was also the Author of many Fugitive Pieces, some of which bear his name. He was a religious and just man; cheerful and intelligent in conversation; and in private and domestic intercourse pleasing and unaffected—a good father, and an excellent husband; and his memory will long be endeared to his family and an extensive circle of attached friends. His remains were followed to the grave by the British Consul, and nearly all the respectable English inhabitants of the place, anxious to pay the last tribute of respect to departed worth.