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London Magazine  Vol. 1  No. 2  (February 1820)  120.
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No II. FEBRUARY, 1820. Vol. I.

⁂ Living Authors, No. II., will appear in our next Number.

We shall also give in our March Publication, under the Political head, a pretty extensive Review of the labours and characters of the Leading Spirits in the cause of Radical Reform, as it is called; and endeavour to point out the natural effects of their influence on the public mind and condition, supposing it ever (which heaven avert!) to acquire predominance in the country.

A notice of a singular Drama, in which Space, Time, the Mediterranean Sea, the Earth, Ants, Sharks, Kings, Generals, and People, perform prominent parts, will certainly be given in our next.

Also, an Inquiry into the Comparative Refinement of the two Ages of Elizabeth and Charles II.—as an answer to the assertions of French Critics.

Some Papers, to which insertion has already been promised, will appear without further delay.

We have to thank our brethren Editors of Blackwood for a civil notice in their last Number—just received. This is far more agreeable (to both parties we presume) than a civil war. Not wishing that they should outdo us in courtesy, we make it a point to return their card, and beg to acquaint them, that we shall not willingly allow them to outdo us, in any thing else. If we have (as they say) imitated their manner, have they not, in return, taken some hints from us as to manners? May the interchange continue to be profitable to both!