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[Claims to “The Burial of Sir John Moore”].
Globe and Traveller  No. 6838  (30 October 1824)
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No. 6838. SATURDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 30, 1824. Price 7d.

The Ode on Sir John Moore has called up several claimants. Mr. Medwin attributed it to Lord Byron on (very bad) presumptive evidence. Somebody else has claimed it for somebody else; and the following paragraph appears in the Times:—

“We are requested to state, that the author of the Ode on Sir John Moore is Mr. H. Campbell, author of many poetical works, and editor and topographer of Ossian’s Poems. From what we have seen, however, of that gentleman’s writings, we confess we are somewhat sceptical.”

J. S. Taylor, Lord Byron and Charles Wolfe

So are we. But if Mr. H. Campbell claims it, he had better write another in support of his claim. Mr. J. Sidney Taylor has, however, in a letter to a Morning Paper, established the property to be in a student of Trinity College, Dublin, and subsequently a Clergyman in the North of Ireland, of the name of Wolfe, who died at an early age.