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Thomas Creevey:
The Creevey Papers


Vol. I. Contents
Ch. I: 1793-1804
Ch. II: 1805
Ch. III: 1805
Ch. IV: 1806-08
Ch. V: 1809
Ch. VI: 1810
Ch. VII: 1811
Ch. VIII: 1812
Ch. IX: 1813-14
Ch X: 1814-15
Ch XI: 1815-16
Ch XII: 1817-18
Ch XIII: 1819-20
Vol. II. Contents
Ch I: 1821
Ch. II: 1822
Ch. III: 1823-24
Ch. IV: 1825-26
Ch. V: 1827
Ch. VI: 1827-28
Ch. VII: 1828
Ch. VIII: 1829
Ch. IX: 1830-31
Ch. X: 1832-33
Ch. XI: 1833
Ch. XII: 1834
Ch XIII: 1835-36
Ch XIV: 1837-38

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Persons Index for Letter P
Paget, Sir Arthur (1771-1840)
Paget, Berkeley Thomas (1780-1842)
Paget [née Cadogan], Lady Charlotte, marchioness of Anglesey (1781-1853)
Paget [née de Rottenburg], Lady Frances (d. 1875)
Paget, Henry William, first marquess of Anglesey (1768-1854)
Paget, Henry William, second marquess of Anglesey (1797-1869)
Paget, Lord William (1803-1873)
Palmer [née Villiers], Barbara, duchess of Cleveland (1640-1709)
Parker [née Talbot], Frances, countess of Morley (d. 1857)
Parker, John, first earl of Morley (1772-1840)
Parkes, Joseph (1796-1865)
Parnell, Charles Stewart (1846-1891)
Parnell, Henry Brooke, first Baron Congleton (1776-1842)
Parr, Samuel (1747-1825)
Paul Anton III, Prince Esterházy (1786-1866)
Paull, James (1778-1808)
Payne the elder, George (d. 1810)
Payne, George (1803-1878)
Pearce, Henry (1777-1809)
Pechell, Sir Samuel John Brooke, third baronet (1785-1849)
Peel, Sir Robert, first baronet (1750-1830)
Peel, Sir Robert, second baronet (1788-1850)
Pelham, George, bishop of Exeter (1766-1827)
Pelham, Thomas, second earl of Chichester (1756-1826)
Pellew, Edward, first viscount Exmouth (1757-1833)
Pepys, Samuel (1633-1703)
Perceval, Spencer (1762-1812)
Percy [née Clive], Charlotte Florentia, duchess of Northumberland (1787-1866)
Percy, George, fifth duke of Northumberland (1778-1867)
Percy, Hon. Henry (1785-1825)
Percy, Hugh, second duke of Northumberland (1742-1817)
Percy, Hugh, third duke of Northumberland (1785-1847)
Perry, James (1756-1821)
Petre [née Howard], Lady Juliana Barbara (1769-1833)
Petre [née Howard], Lady Mary Bridget (1767-1843)
Petre, Robert Edward, ninth Baron Petre (1742-1801)
Petre, Robert Edward, tenth Baron Petre (1763-1809)
Petre, William Henry Francis, eleventh Baron Petre (1793-1850)
Petty, John Henry, second marquess of Lansdowne (1765-1809)
Philips, Sir George, first baronet (1766-1847)
Phillimore, Joseph (1775-1855)
Phillips, Sir Richard (1767-1840)
Phipps, Constantine Henry, first marquess of Normanby (1797-1863)
Phipps, Henry, first earl of Mulgrave (1755-1831)
Phipps [née Liddell], Mary, marchioness of Normanby (1798-1882)
Picton, Sir Thomas (1758-1815)
Pierrepont, Charles Herbert, second earl Manvers (1778-1860)
Pierrepont, Sir Henry Manvers (1780-1851)
Pigott, Sir Arthur Leary (1749-1819)
Pitt, John, second earl of Chatham (1756-1835)
Pitt, George, second baron Rivers (1751-1828)
Pitt, Thomas, second baron Camelford (1775-1804)
Pitt the elder, William, first earl of Chatham (1708-1778)
Pitt the younger, William (1759-1806)
Platamone, Sophia Johnstone, Duchess of Cannizzaro (1765 c.-1841)
Plato (427 BC-327 BC)
Platov, Matvei (1757-1818)
Plunket, William Conyngham, first baron Plunket (1764-1854)
Pole, Sir Charles Morice, first baronet (1757-1830)
Ponsonby [née Villiers], Lady Elizabeth Frances (1786-1866)
Ponsonby, Sir Frederick, third earl of Bessborough (1758-1844)
Ponsonby, Hon. Frederick (1775 c.-1849)
Ponsonby, George (1755-1817)
Ponsonby, Hon. George (1774-1863)
Ponsonby [née Spencer], Henrietta Frances, countess of Bessborough (1761-1821)
Ponsonby, Sir John (1608 c.-1678)
Ponsonby, John, viscount Ponsonby (1770 c.-1855)
Ponsonby, John William, fourth earl of Bessborough (1781-1847)
Ponsonby, John George Brabazon, fifth earl of Bessborough (1809-1880)
Ponsonby [née Fane], Maria, countess of Bessborough (1787-1834)
Ponsonby, Richard, bishop of Derry (1772-1853)
Ponsonby, Sarah (1755-1831)
Ponsonby, Sir William (1772-1815)
Poppleton, William Henry (d. 1827)
Porter, George, sixth Baron de Hochepied (1760-1828)
Powell, William Edward (1788-1854)
Power, Sir John, first baronet (1769 c.-1844)
Pozzo di Borgo, Count Carlo Andrea (1764-1842)
Primrose [née Anson], Anne Margaret, countess of Rosebery (1796-1882)
Primrose, Archibald John, fourth earl of Rosebery (1783-1868)
Primrose, Archibald Philip, fifth earl of Rosebery (1847-1929)
Pyndar [née Lygon], Catherine, countess Beauchamp (1760-1844)